Request Portal Access

    McMahon & Associates CPAs, P.C. requires the following form to be filled out, signed, and dated before creating a NetClient Portal and granting global access to client documents. If you are requesting access to a company, trust, individual(s) and are not an owner, trustee, Board of Director member, or the specific individual, authorization must be granted to you by one of those previously listed individuals.

    Below is a list of key important items you must acknowledge that you have read and understand, along with the appropriate information we need before we can grant access. The owner, trustee, individual, or Board of Director member must initial before each statement.

    The client is in complete control of their password. McMahon & Associates CPAs, P.C. will not change your password.

    If you grant access to a non-owner (i.e. bookkeeper) and they leave your company, there is a change in ownership, or a change in marital status, you must inform McMahon & Associates CPAs, P.C. so appropriate changes can be made.

    Access is granted to a company/individual(s) as a whole. Everyone with access to your client drawer has access to all published documents.

    Access to a minor child will be revoked once the dependent exemption is removed and an updated NetClient Portal Agreement must be filled out to grant parental access.

    Requests to terminate portal access must be put in writing and will be granted immediately.

    It is your responsibility to notify McMahon & Associates CPAs, P.C. when you upload any document into your portal. You will be notified via email when McMahon & Associates CPAs, P.C. publishes a document to your NetClient Portal.

    mcmahon team